Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Smark/Mark 2

The world of wrestling is filled with many types of fans. Old school, casual, closeted, and former fans. But the two types of fans that most frequent this site are the marks and smarks. The know it all internet savy insiders and the fans of Sports Entertainment. These two types will come together in this column to discuss the events of the week. Sometimes we will agree, sometimes we won't. This is Smark/Mark.




Jarrod Atkinson- Started watching wrestling around WrestleMania 3. Watched religiously until Wrestlemania 8. Made his triumphant return to wrestling in 1999. Started following the "Dirt Sheets" a few years later. A fan of WWE, TNA, WCW, knowledgeable in ECW and ROH, Jarrod spends several hours on various sites dedicated to wrestling and fills most of his Twitter post with the subject. SMARK.

Daniel Bittle- Wrestling fan. WWE fan. Always calls Ring Of Honor "ROA". Recently started watching wrestling again on a regular basis. MARK.

That's us. now let's start things off with SHUT UP, MEG!.......

Shut up Meg is my way of randomly telling someone who is getting on my nerves on a social networking site to shut the hell up. But since we're talking public figures here, I'll call them out. This week's Shut Up Meg AGAIN goes to Matt Hardy.

What the hell Matt? You post this video about how you've decided to keep it real and then you drop THIS bullshit? In character no less?

Is it smart to start talking about "Crossing The Line" when you're still under contract to WWE? Do you really want to associate yourself with this WCW/nWo 2000 rehash? Matt....Shut Up.

RAW RESULTS 10/11/10

Bragging Rights Qualifier: R-Truth defeated Ted DiBiase via pinfall, Lie Detector

I for one can't stand R-Truth. His music gets on my nerves and so does his wrestling style. Poor Ted. He has to fight with Goldust over his daddy's belt and Cody gets to be Tag Team Champion.

Bragging Rights Qualifier:John Morrison defeated Tyson Kidd via pinfall, Walk The Plank

So The Hart Dynasty looks to be over. Welcome to jobber status, Kidd. Morrison using Paul Burchill's old finisher bothers me on a few levels. One, it's an illogical and unsafe looking move, and two, what's wrong with using the Moonlight drive?

Bragging Rights Qualifier: Santino Marella defeated Zack Ryder via pinfall, Cobra (yes, really.)

The first thing I said when I saw this match was "Looks like Ryder's going to make the Raw team. Then he lost. To the fucking Cobra. Long Island Iced Z is this year's Chavo.

Randy Orton defeated Justin Gabriel via pinfall, RKO

A large amount of faith is shown in Gabriel as he once again holds his own with a main eventer. Anybody else think "Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!" or think of Ken Anderson when the 450 was botched?

Bragging Rights Qualifier: Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan via pinfall, Brogue Kick

The American Dragon at least got to hold his own in this rematch from Monday. This gives me faith that maybe the US title will be defended at the PPV with the Bryan loss tonight. Or perhaps a Bryan vs Ziggler match like last year's U.S. vs IC Bragging Rights match.

Bragging Rights Qualifier: CM Punk defeated Evan Bourne via pinfall, Go To Sleep

I was worried for a minute that Punk was going to turn face and shake Bourne's hand after the match. Luckily, Punk showed he's still a heel and put a beatdown on Evan post match.

Bragging Rights Qualifier: The Miz defeated John Cena via pinfall, Harris/Perfect Jr. interference.

The No DQ stipulation gave away the end of the match. I really think that Miz belongs in the main event and tonight showed me that I was right. The match advanced both storylines for Bragging Rights and progressed the inevitable induction of Harris and McGillicuty into Nexus. By the way, how lame is The McGillicutter? He's Mr. Fucking Perfect's son. Why not use the PerfectPlex?


And the rest....

Once again, love me some LayCool. But I stand by my prediction that this is a time killing feud until Beth Phoenix gets back. I can hope and pray that the Cena/Nexus story is a slow burn for a heel turn, but I have my doubts with WWE and PG land. All in all a very solid show full of WRESTLING, which blows my mind to be honest. I wish every week was this good.


Jeff Hardy aligning with "They" reminded me of the last ditch effort of WCW to do and nWo program. Ladies and Gents, nWo 2000 aka The Black and Silver. Worth it for Bobby Heenan's "There's a swerve going on." comment.

Side note on the Black and Silver: back when they formed I order some shirts from WCW. By the time the shirts had made it to me I received half my order. I call Customer Service and was informed that the nWo Black and Silver shirts had been discontinued. But I got my Wolfpac tank top. I didn't put two and two together and realize WCW was going down the drains. Now I know. Is TNA far behind?

That's all for this week, thanks for reading. Comments both positive and negative are welcome.

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