Friday, August 27, 2010

Smackdown Live.

Match by match my thoughts on tonight's Smackdown. Rey Mysterio vs. Kane: It's a match between two of my least favorite wrestlers. This is more entertaining to me:

I actually changed to G4 and started watching a fight show on there. The no DQ rule made for a more painful end for Rey. Of course it seems like he can't lose clean to anyone any more. I must admit though, I like Alberto Del Rio. Anybody else laugh when Rey gets hurt? My favorite was "Ah! Dios Mio!" from the Swagger ankle lock. It actually seems like Del Rio is getting some heat, but you know how they pipe in sound on taped shows.

Why is it when everyone gets hurt now we get the "Owen Hart just died" voice from the announcers?

Here comes the SES. I bet Serena's future endeavors will be on later tonight. Punk got new ink and the return of the Anaconda Vice. Hells yeah. Can anyone cut a better promo? "Be better, or be gone." Well, bye Serena.

Dashing Cody Rhodes is giving advice on body shaving. Nice. And now for Ziggler to retain by shady means. I won't be paying attention until the Zig Zag.

No Zig Zag, but Grisham gets props for his current event comments about grabbing some beer and hitting the emergency exit.

Here we go with yet another recap of Kane and his soap opera music assisted promos. WWE is acting like this is the first time that Kane has ever turned on Taker. Selective memory. On a personal note, it's really nice outside, and for the first time in awhile, no mail.

Oklahoma represent!

Did Kaval take charisma pills or what? I guess Del Rio is killing jobbers to build up more credibility. Did anyone stop and wonder what the point was to the Big Show and SES Storyline? Seems to me like it's too soon to split them up. But what do I know?

Ten minutes to go. Here comes the GrandpaTaker. Vengeance, revenge, rest in peace. Why do I continue to watch? Why do I say that every time? Okay. I'm out.

TNA I loathe thee.

Let's spend a few moments in my head from Thursday night. I was looking forward to watching some wrestling. I read the spoilers, but my memory has been really bad since my surgery. Here we go:

Opening moments, finally some wrestling! Why the fuck is Dixie Carter coming out? She has her own music? SHE HAS A FUCKING TRON VIDEO!? WHY IS SHE PUTTING HERSELF IN THE STORYLINE? WHY CAN'T THEY JUST HAVE WRESTLING?! FUUUUUUUCCKKK.

I left the room. There was some sort of Flair promo. I'm sure it went like this.....

Anyway, I get sick of this EV2.0CW crap. And with Team 3D in contract negotiations and RVD out, it seems a little weak. I started talking to the wife and spaced out on the majority of that crap. Back to the living room and...
JOE! Back from his vaca....suspension, he gets to get rubbed up on by Orlando Jordan. At least he got the win, big difference from WWE.

When Jarrett was fighting Big Lazy I had flashbacks to WCW in 2000 and I couldn't believe I was seeing the same thing 10 years later. Does anyone else get sick of Sting? Ugh.

Really the only part of Impact I watched was the return of the Original Beautiful People. They should've put them back together a long time ago. But what do I know? I missed the GenMe vs. Guns match, I know I missed some good stuff there. I get so pissed at TNA for pushing people that came from WWE and leave their own homegrown talent in the back for the most part. But, every week I keep coming back for more. In closing, the best part of writing this blog was the Flair gif. Let's hope that Smackdown provides me with more entertainment.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Contracts and Future Endeavors

You always read about these wrestlers getting released and wished the best of luck in their future endeavors. I for one don't feel bad for them. They basically get paid to sit at home for 3 months, getting fired by WWE is the interview process for TNA, and when you think about it, you have a money making venture for life.

Being in the WWE- even for a white hot minute- gives you credibility in the independent scene as far as promoting goes. You can do indy shows, become TNA world champion, or do the ever so dangerous shoot interview. And the thing about WWE is that it's one of the few places that getting fired doesn't stop you from coming back better than ever.

I wish the jobs I have had used contracts. When I went to Coke I could've upped my price because I had worked for the competition. When I went back to Pepsi (I'm the Christian of the soda business) I could've got more money because the managers wanted me back and I had instant fan recognition.

The last few months have given me a feel for what it's like to sit out 90 days and still get paid. I'm getting my downside guarantee, but I don't know what the hell is going to be next. If only there were shoot interviews for soda or retail. I guess I should sit by the phone and wait for my industry's version of ROH to call. (That would be 7Up.)

Ready for Superstars and Impact tonight, even though I read the spoilers. At least there's some sort of wrestling on tonight.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Making Plans.

Call me a slacker. I planned to make this my wrestling blog a la Ring Posts or some of my other favorite wrestling blogs. But as usual when I make plans, something gets in the way. But it gave me a good thought for today. Shit happens in life, and it also happens in the wonderful world of wrestling. A few examples:

When I came back into wrestling, Stone Cold Steve Austin was white hot. This was late 1999. And if you were born before 1985, you know that Austin had to take time off for neck surgery. A lack of Austin led to The Big Show getting his first WWE title and the Fatal Four Way at Wrestlemania 2000. It also gave HHH a time to shine (back when he wasn't Huntor The Squash) and led to Mick Foley taking the spotlight for his first retirement.

A blown quad put an end to the Two Man Power Trip of Austin and HHH, and HHH's involvement in the Invasion storyline. But it opened up a spot for Kurt Angle to step up. The fact that the day after Kurt saved the WWE they did the double turn with him and Austin still bothers me, but Austin's heel turn just wasn't working, no matter how bad he beat up Team Extreme.

Sometimes it's not always a good thing though. Scott Hall no showing a PPV gave Eric Young a chance to step up, but he's doing comedy again. But TNA drops the ball every time. John Cena's quad injury didn't help Randy Orton establish dominance. Rey Mysterio's suspension didn't give Dolph Ziggler the Intercontinental Championship he deserved. Poor Zig had to wait another year for that chance.

So shit happens. Sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad. We can what if all we want, but the show must go on, despite injury, suspension, contract negotiations, or bad booking. So I make no excuses for my absence, I just move on and try to improve myself. Here's hoping I'm back tomorrow.