Sunday, September 4, 2011


Kurt Angle DUI

Kurt Angle was arrested early Sunday morning in Virginia for DUI. According to TMZ, Angle was observed swerving in between lanes on I-66 and was pulled over by State Troopers. Angle was arrested, taken to the Warren County Jail, and released after posting $2000 bond. This is Kurt's 3rd driving arrest in 4 years. Kurt also finds himself in a bit of a PR problem, as he is the current TNA World Champion, and he just started his campaign to return to the Olympics in 2012. The info can be found at

Kurt Angle Is Pissed

It's been a bad week for Kurt. He started of the week angry at his ranking in WWE's Greatest Superstars of All Time, in which he was ranked #34. He referred to the ranking as a "kick in the balls" and said he deserved to be in the Top 5. He then asked WWE to remove him from the list. One whopping day later, he issued an apology to anyone he offended, and said he was proud to be in the Top 50.

Santino Injured In Wreck

Santino Marella was injured in a car accident last week in Toronto. had an exclusive out of character interview with Marella in which he described the accident. Marella suffered a separated left shoulder and will not be on Raw.

Another Cast Member Announced
Prince Devitt is the latest person to join the Wrestling Revolution Project. He joins Colt Cabana, Len Olson, Ken Doane, Alex Reynolds, Kenny Omega, MVP, Sami Callihan, Daivari, Emil Sitoci, and Luke Gallows in this new new project that, and I quote:
"is a 13-episode seasonal concept built on wrestling storytelling with a complete three act narrative structure. Cutting the cord completely from the modern wrestling industry chronology, it's the launch of a new universe with new characters and new rules. WRP aims to combine modern, relevant themes with compelling in-ring storytelling to create a unique wrestling television experience."
I'm liking the lineup so far and am interested to see where the project goes. Perhaps we can see more of Kenny Omega vs his greatest opponent.

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