Friday, August 27, 2010

TNA I loathe thee.

Let's spend a few moments in my head from Thursday night. I was looking forward to watching some wrestling. I read the spoilers, but my memory has been really bad since my surgery. Here we go:

Opening moments, finally some wrestling! Why the fuck is Dixie Carter coming out? She has her own music? SHE HAS A FUCKING TRON VIDEO!? WHY IS SHE PUTTING HERSELF IN THE STORYLINE? WHY CAN'T THEY JUST HAVE WRESTLING?! FUUUUUUUCCKKK.

I left the room. There was some sort of Flair promo. I'm sure it went like this.....

Anyway, I get sick of this EV2.0CW crap. And with Team 3D in contract negotiations and RVD out, it seems a little weak. I started talking to the wife and spaced out on the majority of that crap. Back to the living room and...
JOE! Back from his vaca....suspension, he gets to get rubbed up on by Orlando Jordan. At least he got the win, big difference from WWE.

When Jarrett was fighting Big Lazy I had flashbacks to WCW in 2000 and I couldn't believe I was seeing the same thing 10 years later. Does anyone else get sick of Sting? Ugh.

Really the only part of Impact I watched was the return of the Original Beautiful People. They should've put them back together a long time ago. But what do I know? I missed the GenMe vs. Guns match, I know I missed some good stuff there. I get so pissed at TNA for pushing people that came from WWE and leave their own homegrown talent in the back for the most part. But, every week I keep coming back for more. In closing, the best part of writing this blog was the Flair gif. Let's hope that Smackdown provides me with more entertainment.

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