Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Making Plans.

Call me a slacker. I planned to make this my wrestling blog a la Ring Posts or some of my other favorite wrestling blogs. But as usual when I make plans, something gets in the way. But it gave me a good thought for today. Shit happens in life, and it also happens in the wonderful world of wrestling. A few examples:

When I came back into wrestling, Stone Cold Steve Austin was white hot. This was late 1999. And if you were born before 1985, you know that Austin had to take time off for neck surgery. A lack of Austin led to The Big Show getting his first WWE title and the Fatal Four Way at Wrestlemania 2000. It also gave HHH a time to shine (back when he wasn't Huntor The Squash) and led to Mick Foley taking the spotlight for his first retirement.

A blown quad put an end to the Two Man Power Trip of Austin and HHH, and HHH's involvement in the Invasion storyline. But it opened up a spot for Kurt Angle to step up. The fact that the day after Kurt saved the WWE they did the double turn with him and Austin still bothers me, but Austin's heel turn just wasn't working, no matter how bad he beat up Team Extreme.

Sometimes it's not always a good thing though. Scott Hall no showing a PPV gave Eric Young a chance to step up, but he's doing comedy again. But TNA drops the ball every time. John Cena's quad injury didn't help Randy Orton establish dominance. Rey Mysterio's suspension didn't give Dolph Ziggler the Intercontinental Championship he deserved. Poor Zig had to wait another year for that chance.

So shit happens. Sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad. We can what if all we want, but the show must go on, despite injury, suspension, contract negotiations, or bad booking. So I make no excuses for my absence, I just move on and try to improve myself. Here's hoping I'm back tomorrow.

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