Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hurry Up.

Hurry up and wait. I hate waiting. The day before things is the worst. Important Super Secret Project is tomorrow and I'm starting to overthink things. I'll be running around all day and then everything will hit and just like that, be over. Still looking for a way to get paid good money to do nothing but watch TV and hang out with 2 small dogs.

I was going to do a solo podcast today but I got street dogged (Translation: Artie tricked me into laying down and falling asleep). Yes, it's happened so many times it has it's own name. We've fallen a bit behind on our weekly-ish schedule and I need to catch it back up.

Not the most creative day for me, I can't imagine I'll be doing very much until tomorrow evening. Check back then. Until then, enjoy one of the best damn songs The Streets ever did.

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