Monday, January 17, 2011

Nobody gives a shit about your blog! REBOOT.

I'll admit, the last few post on here have been either to promote my podcast or to attempt to get an online gig for some wrestling site. So I'm going to come back to this and start writing again not just about wrestling, but about the crazy little thing called life. So consider me a Student of the Game in several aspects.

It's been almost a month since I was future endeavored (google that term if you don't get it.) by my job. So naturally I do what I always do when I need a job: put out the word to my former employer of 6 years, Walmart. I've been unemployed 3 times now since 2008 and this would be the first time I can go back there because this is the first time I'm not related to a member of management there.

I should point out the reason I was let go from my job. My back exploded in April of last year so I was put on a leave of absence. They can only hold your position for 12 weeks. I got a letter in the mail telling me that time was up. Little did I know then that that means I was unofficially terminated. When I was cleared to return to work in December following a surgery, I got the bad news.

So here I am with a few options that I'll keep close to me for the time being for fear of cursing any of them. (Also known as the Twitter Curse.) For now I'm sitting at home drawing unemployment but haven't seen a dime of it yet. But I get to chill at home with the dogs and continue to rest and heal my back until the day comes that I get the call to go back to work.

Time to play "What song is in your head?"

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