Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lazy Thursday.

Thanks to The University of Oklahoma canceling class, it was quite the lazy day around my house. Luckily I didn't slip and fall on the ice at 4am this morning when I had to take the pups out. Funny how a few days ago the weather was decent enough that I was still wearing shorts and now it's below freezing. (Which didn't stop me from wearing shorts.)

So after I woke up from my unintentional nap we started off the day with a little breakfast and Degrassi, then took the Cranky Brothers on their walk. Since we had all day I thought maybe we should try and watch one of the four movies we had bought or borrowed and haven't watched yet. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus won out over two Death Note movies and a gay Mormon movie. I have to say it was a good movie and they had enough of Heath Ledger's performance filmed to work the 3 extra actors (Depp, Law, Farrell) into the film and make it seem not as forced as it could've been.

After that we made a pizza, watched the new NBC Comedy Night, I yelled at wrestling a few times, and here I am. Pups are chewing, wife is reading, cats are doing what cats do. It was nice to have a lazy day, I hope I can have a few more.

Song in my head is because of the first line and because I watched TMZ's Octomom fetish video footage. (What ever happened to Depswa?)

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